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Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of New England

by Kenn Kaufman and Kimberly Kaufman

The New England states, so rich in human history, are also abundantly blessed in terms of natural history. An astonishing diversity of living things can be found in the woods, fields, marshes, and coastlines of this region, and even in back yards and city parks. A person who begins to notice the wonders of nature need never be bored here.

This rich diversity of life is wonderful, but it also can be frustrating if we want to be able to name our finds. Many good field guides exist for specific groups, such as birds, butterflies, or mammals, but we can't be carrying all these guides all the time. The Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of New England was designed to work as a handy one-volume guide for anyone curious about the outdoors - anyone who wants to identify that turtle crossing the road, that flashy wildflower beside the path, that distinctive shell on the beach. 

Kenn Kaufman and Kimberly Kaufman traveled throughout the New England states at all seasons of the year while researching this guide. They have both taught many sessions at the famed Audubon Camp on Hog Island, Maine, and have worked with nature centers, museums, and bird clubs throughout the region.  Kenn Kaufman is a lifelong naturalist and the originator of the Kaufman Field Guide series.  Kimberly Kaufman is currently executive director of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory in Ohio, and a contributing editor to Birds & Blooms magazine.

Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of New England.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co., Boston.  ISBN: 978-0-618-45697-0.

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